English przedszkole prywatne wroclaw ente

About Us

Ente Kindergarten and Elementary School is a place that kids come to with pleasure and do not wish to leave, which is something we truly care about and appreciate. Ente is a language elementary school, as we – teachers and our assistants – talk to children in foreign languages. They can choose to answer in either Polish, or foreign language. Some assistants do not understand Polish, which encourages kids to search for other ways to communicate – the use of English usually proves effective.

Our goal is to create an environment in which our young ones grow to associate foreign languages as something positive. They are not forced to learn anything – they acquire their second language naturally, just like it was with their native one.

Ente is a place where children take responsibility for their daily routine, and perform activities such as eating, dressing up, cleaning up or laying the table by themselves. This way they gain a lot of experience and master skills that are helpful in life: classification, responsibility, counting, decision-making, independence, teamwork, patience, and most importantly, self-confidence and strong belief in their own capabilities.

We pay a lot of attention to the understanding of signals from our own body and reacting to them, which translates to the kids being able to compose the sandwiches themselves, or deciding about the portion of soup or second course they would like to eat. When they feel tired, they can lay down to sleep any time they want, and rest for as long as they want. When they are full of energy (with teacher’s consent), they can play in the gym, or in the huge garden which is a part of our facility. We really care about children understanding their own needs, and the way they communicate them. At Ente, we teach them courage to speak up their views and feelings. Empathy and mutual respect are very important to us, too. Ente children have a lot of space for free play, and are surrounded by a rich, diverse environment, stimulating them to work on their own. All tasks are planned together by children, teachers and assistants at the beginning of each week, but we stay ready to change the plans at all time. By taking independent actions, children are growing and developing towards their needs and preferences – in their own pace. Thanks to free play and right pedagogical approach, children learn how to understand themselves and solve their own problems and conflicts; they practice teamwork, both in groups with other children and adults. Ente graduates think clearly, know how to discuss and deduct, are physically fit and ready for changes.

Short History of Ente

Ente kindergarten was created in 1998 in Wrocław. For the first two years it was located in the building on Akacjowa Alley. In the beginning, we had only one group, led in German. After that period, we moved to Orzeszkowej Street. Aside the German-speaking group, we opened one group with English, and – temporarily – a Polish-only group. The last one was transformed into an English-speaking group a year later. At the moment, we do not have any groups with German – all are in English, and each one of them has its own name: Bees, Ladybirds, Frogs, Butterflies.